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The Premier Tech Hub

The Richardson IQ is a place where special things happen. It boasts a rich heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship  a quick tour of the amazing variety of businesses shows that spirit is still alive-and-well today. 

The Richardson IQ has been precision-engineered to foster growth, attract and retain talent, and encourage collaboration. Thanks to a robust public-private partnership, this area is positioned to become the premier tech hub in Texas.

A History of Innovation

Innovation is in our DNA.

The area has a rich history of exceptional enterprises. Collins Radio helped usher in the Information Age with radio equipment used by everyone from ham radio operators to NASA. 

Other notable innovators include computer graphics pioneers Micrografix and Altsys and supercomputer manufacturer Convex Computers.

The District Today

Brains Are Beautiful.

Today, The Richardson IQ is home to video game giant id Software and nano-tech labs operated by LINTEC and Zyvex. Honeywell manufacturers sensors here, and Raytheon’s EO Innovations makes optical lenses. Digital Realty currently oversees nearly a million square feet of data centers. Ericsson, Verizon, Siemens, and Argo Data all have offices here, too. In fact, over half of Richardson’s businesses and 20% of the city’s jobs are located here.

The Richardson IQ

An Innovative Plan.

Modeled after highly successful projects in Barcelona, Boston, and other cities around the world, The Richardson IQ is bringing together public and private resources to modernize, revitalize, and promote this part of Richardson as a prime location for businesses — and their employees — to call home.

Our Goals:

  • Placemaking – We are establishing the district as a distinct, cohesive place.
  • Reputation – The Richardson IQ is becoming known as a center of entrepreneurship and collaboration, where new value is created daily.
  • Energy – We are helping make the district feel more dynamic, modern, and generally more attractive to employers, employees, residents, and guests.
  • Support – We are helping existing businesses while attracting new ones.
  • Network – We strive to create a bridge between community members by catalyzing connections and fostering relationships. 

Learn More

Boost Your I.Q.

Visit the resources below to learn more about the project.

For More Information:

Beth Kolman
Richardson Economic Development Partnership