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The Richardson Innovation Quarter, also known as simply “Richardson IQ” or “The IQ” is a 1,200-acre urban hub with a rich heritage of innovation and entrepreneurship located in heart of the booming Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The IQ is a living laboratory for big ideas and ground-breaking technology. It’s a place where entrepreneurs take risks and are supported by the Richardson community; where startups and scale-ups can collaborate and thrive; and where college graduates come to live, work, and invent. It’s a place where special things happen. 

The IQ is home to technology-related startups, corporate research and development, manufacturers, education institutions, non-profit organizations, restaurants, entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, inventors, educators, and students. With over 19,000 workers and more than 1,000 businesses, the IQ spurs the creativity and collaboration that drives innovation and growth.


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The IQ


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