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Public ART

The City of Richardson’s Public Art Master Plan sets a vision for the community to incorporate public art that will inspire a spirit of curiosity, openness and civic purpose. In addition to  public art commissioned by the City, private property owners are beginning to incorporate public art and artistic murals on their sites.


Arapaho Center Station Art

Arapaho Center Station uses landscaping and the play of multi-colored uplighting at night to emphasize the station entrance. Station design team artist Benito Huerta created a walkway of colored paving stones with icons representing the history of Richardson. Hans Van de Bovenkamp’s sculpture, “Gateway,” is a three-dimensional ring made from aluminum and painted red to symbolize a bright window. The station’s canopy has a copper finish like the nearby transit center (formerly known as Richardson Transit Center). Read more



Micro Macro Mojo

An iconic art piece by Ed Carpenter named “Micro Macro Mojo” is located at Greenville Avenue and Alma Road and celebrates the history of the technology in Richardson. Micro Macro Mojo features a 70-foot public art piece that replicates an enormous map pin marking the point of entry into Richardson. The sculpture contains an outer lattice layer of crossing diagonal cables spanning from the top to a point 11 feet above ground.  This network supports myriad laminated dichroic glass elements forming a rich texture of light-interactive surfaces.  These elements may suggest abstract ones and zeros, the basic building blocks of all things digital, and fitting for a city with such a distinctly high-tech identity. Read more



Murals on Private Property

In December 2019 the Richardson City Council approved a new zoning code for the Richardson IQ®, which allows greater flexibility for mural signage. Since this change, new murals are beginning to appear in The IQ® to add visual interest to individual businesses and the overall district. To learn more about mural requirements, contact the City of Richardson Development Services Department at 972-744-4240.


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