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The IQ Brew: Center for Brain Health

The IQ Brew is a networking and educational series featuring short presentations from entrepreneurs, small business owners, and subject-matter experts. The goal of each IQ® Brew is to share the successes and challenges the Richardson business community has faced or will face while starting and growing a new business. Come join the conversation every 2nd Thursday of the month!

On Thursday, April 13, The IQ® Brew is excited to host Stephen White and Jenn Zientz with The Center for Brain Health.


When it comes to technology development, launching a new company, or considering investment options, most people think of the intellectual property – that “thing” that was invented, that new process, that new solution for one of life’s or industry’s problems. However, almost nobody thinks about priming, much less quantifying, the most important asset in any company at any stage . . . the individual and collective value of their team members’ brains. Everything begins and ends with the brain. Innovation is no exception. For almost 3 decades, the Center for BrainHealth® at UT Dallas has been singularly focused on researching ways to measure the multi-faceted components of brain health and quickly translating that research into tools that improve brain health through SMART™ training strategies. After training over 100,000 people of all ages, across a wide variety of demographics, we have shown that cognitive training can measurably improve strategic attention, integrated reasoning, and, yes, innovation. We will address some of the discoveries about how, through neuroplasticity, you can be the architect of your own better brain. We will also touch on the neuroscience that sparks innovation. What if you could amplify those parts of the brain that help you explore the infinite possibilities, think paradoxically and leap beyond the status quo? Research shows that you can.

“Your health starts and ends with your brain.”



Stephen White, JD

With over 15 years as an executive in commercial healthcare products and services, combined with his experience as a commercial attorney and CPA, Stephen sees brain health and performance as the next “big thing” to improve how we all think, work and live. He works with strategic partners and in-house experts to build scalable services, assessments, and commercialization opportunities.

Jenn Zientz, MS CCC-SLP

Jennifer Zientz’s work focuses on the translation of Center for BrainHealth® research to improve how people think, work and live. She administers performance-based assessments and facilitates training workshops that empower individuals across the lifespan to take the lead in strengthening their focus, mental efficiency, reasoning, and possibility thinking.

She has facilitated SMART™ Brain Training for groups including military leadership, active-duty special operators, veterans and their spouses, law enforcement officers, corporate executives and leadership teams, community leaders, athletes, and graduate students.

The event is finished.


Apr 13 2023


8:30 am - 10:00 am


The IQ @1302, 1302 E. Collins Boulevard, Richardson, TX 75081
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