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The IQ Brew: Nita Patel, A Richardson IQ® Business


The IQ Brew is a networking and educational series featuring short presentations from entrepreneurs, small businesses and subject-matter experts. The goal of The IQ® Brew is to share lessons learned and to have the Richardson business community hear about the successes and challenges faced while starting and growing a business. Come join us for coffee and conversation every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month!

On Thursday, May 26, The IQ® Brew will feature founder, author, and artist, Nita Patel, who recently opened a new gallery in the Richardson IQ®. Nita is a six-time bestselling author – graduated from corporate after 23 years – pursuing her master’s in organizational psychology at Harvard.  She has a love for art and has shown her work at Le Louvre in Paris among other amazing venues. Her mission is to help people elevate their life through coaching and consulting services. Nita’s studio in The IQ® was originally a space for her to create, but quickly transformed into a gallery where she sees her coaching clients and holds community events.

Come hear from Nita as she shares her stories of becoming a renowned author and artist, along with her technology leadership experience in various industries with a concentrated focus in Healthcare, and her mission to elevate lives and businesses through her speaking and coaching.

Thank you to our venue host, The Drawing Board!


8:30am – Coffee & Networking

9:00am – Opening Remarks

9:05am – Introductions

9:15am – IQ Speakers

9:45am – Q&A

Joining us online? Below is the Zoom link for the session:


Meeting ID: 891 3344 1607

Passcode: 358919


Nita Patel

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/thenita/

Born in Croydon, UK, as a child Nita would travel frequently between London and Dallas, attending primary school in both places. She was influenced by American and English culture and her parents’ deep Indian origin. In her formative years being an amalgam of values and mores, Nita would attempt to mold her persona to fit her circumstance, such as disguising her English accent as a teenager in America to avoid the inevitability of teenage harassment. These type of experiences and coping strategies helped to formulate her strong and resilient character.

Through her professional years, Ms. Patel has over two decades of demonstrated technology leadership experience in various industries specifically with a concentrated focus in Healthcare. Her investment in psychology theory and practice is what led her to a deep interest in helping others. As a catalyst, finding additional ways to express her creativity led her to pursue her calling professionally as an artist. She has become deeply and passionately devoted to nurturing others and in building their confidence and brand through speaking and consultative practices.

Ms. Patel is also profoundly drawn to matters of a spiritual nature and in sharing her discoveries with others. This, and the pursuit of her art, is what truly feeds her soul, provides a deep sense of fulfillment and reinforces that she is indeed following her heart. Over the years she has also devoted an untold number of volunteer hours to her faith-based organization and has been dedicated to a daily spiritual practice of her own. Her art is inspired by spirituality and from an avid love of traveling, wherein the discovery of new places, cultures, ideas, and ways of life has a direct influence upon her artistic creations. Ms. Patel is mom to a bright twenty-year-old young man, who is currently attending university, and companion, to an adorable Yorkie – the Patel house Commander in Chief.

The event is finished.


May 26 2022


8:30 am - 10:00 am
The Drawing Board, 1900 Jay Ell Drive, Richardson, Texas 75081


The Drawing Board, 1900 Jay Ell Drive, Richardson, Texas 75081

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